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We know the calming sensation that comes from drinking herbal tea is universal, and the ingredients should reflect the individual essences of the plants themselves. Our primary focus is to bring you a good selection of herbal teas, to experience for yourself.


Whether you experience the benefits of herbal tea regularly or haven't tried it before, it's OK! We grow, harvest and source a variety of plants to be turned into unique herbal teas for you to enjoy.

When you drink an herbal tea from Escarpment Gardens like lemon ginger, blackberry or mint thyme you will be having a unique herbal tea experience. Our tea bags are unbleached, biodegradable & non-gmo and most teas are caffeine free.

At our farm, by sustainably wild harvesting, growing herbs & fruits, sourcing the finest ingredients and dehydrating and packaging soon after harvest, we produce amazingly unique herbal teas. Escarpment Gardens, named after the Niagara Escarpment offers you a timeless taste of wildness, like the escarpment itself.

With each box of tea, we bring to you the essence of a natural season for you to enjoy one sip at a time!

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