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​Frequently Asked Questions

Are your teas local?

Escarpment Gardens cultivate and sustainably wild harvest as many of their ingredients as possible from three farms in Southern Ontario. Any ingredients that we order in are always certified organic.

Are your tea bags non-GMO?

Our tea bags are made from cellulose fibers and abaca, which is a plant in the banana family. This is also known as Manila hemp. Additionally, they do not contain any GMO plant material. Our tea bags also do not include metal staples or string and are unbleached & biodegradable.

Are your teas grown organically?

All of our herbal tea selections are either grown organically or sustainably wild harvested.

Is it best to drink herbal tea hot?

Herbal teas make a soothing hot beverage and are also very enjoyable and refreshing served cold.

Are there any flavourings, colours, scents or sweeteners in your tea?

No, usually the title of the tea is the ingredients.

What do you recommend for a sweetener?

If a sweetener is needed raw honey is the first recommendation. The only sweetener not recommended is processed sugar.

Can I order your teas from outside of Canada?

Yes, we ship with Canada Post to anywhere in the world.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

​Yes, if you have a cafe', restaurant, farm store or retail business we do offer wholesale pricing. Contact Usfor further details.


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