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Lavender Mint

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" I normally drink (a couple of name brand teas) and this Chaga Chai herbal tea is the first one I'm addicted to."

Nancy M., Mulmur, ON

" I had another brand of tea which left a bitterness or chalky aftertaste. Escarpment Gardens teas don't. I love the Mint Lemon Balm tea, it's my favourite now."

Sandra D., Mono, ON 

“After a few sips there’s a “clearing of the mind” feeling. I am amazed…honestly, I’ve had ginseng before in capsules but this experience is so much better. There is an instant clearing of “brain fog” after drinking the Chaga Ginseng tea. It gets the cobwebs out of the mind better than caffeine.”

Tyler H., Shelburne, ON.