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At Escarpment Gardens, we're all about minimally processed, real ingredients. By sustainably wild harvesting, growing herbs & fruits at our farm and sourcing the finest Untreated ingredients we Produce Amazingly unique Artisan teas & Hydrosols.


“After a few sips there’s a “clearing of the mind” feeling. I am amazed…honestly, I’ve had ginseng before in capsules but this experience is so much better. There is an instant clearing of “brain fog” after drinking the Chaga Ginseng tea. It gets the cobwebs out of the mind better than caffeine.”

Tyler H., Shelburne, ON.

​"Jayme and I are currently enjoying your raspberry and hops tea. It is lovely! I assumed there would be a slight bitterness because of the hops but it's anything but. You've balanced the flavours perfectly. It's my new favourite tea. Thank you for taking the time to craft a product that's a pleasure to drink and that's good for the body and the environment."

Rosie C., Shelburne, ON.

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